​Broholm Castle & Restaurant

If you possess a flair for history or a sense of nostalgic romanticism, a visit to Broholm Castle is a must and offers an exciting odyssey of almost 700 years of Danish history, from Christian the 2nd to Margaret the 2nd – and the 30 kings and queens in between, who have all played their part in the sagas of the Ulfeldt´s, Skeel´s and Sehested´s.

As a guest, you will find Broholm Castle very peaceful and enjoy all the rooms, which are decorated differently and have their own unique feel.

You can also eat at the restaurant at Broholm Castle while visiting.


Gammel Lundeborgvej 46

DK-5874 Hesselager​

Telephone: +45 62 25 14 50

E-mail: ferie@lundeborg.dk 

CVR: 72527011