​Odense Zoo

​Odense ZOO opened its gates for the first time on the Great Day of Prayer´s (Store Bededag) in 1930. The managing director at the time, Christian Jensen, had bred pheasants, chickens and pigeons in his back yard for some years and interest in his animals grew; thus he decided to open a deer park, as it was called at the time. The first animals to grace the park were two monkeys, a peacock, a deer, a mule, several magpies and a few guinea pigs. An impressive 5.620 visitors turned up on the opening day – even compared to today that is an impressive number of visitors. In 1933, the park was made into to a limited company and changed the name to Odense ZOO.



Gammel Lundeborgvej 46

DK-5874 Hesselager​

Telephone: +45 62 25 14 50

E-mail: ferie@lundeborg.dk 

CVR: 72527011