​Valdemars Castle

Valdemars Castle is located at Hovedgård close to Troense on Tåsinge. Its origin can be traced back to the medieval Kærstrup, remains of which are still there. Kærstrup was torn down in the 1630´ies and, from 1639 to 1943, Christian the 4th gave Hans Steenwinckel the Younger the task of building Valdemars Castle for his majesty´s son, count Valdemar Christian, who would actually never live there. During the Dano-Swedish wars, 100 horsemen stayed at the castle, which led to partial destruction of the castle. In 1678, the new owner, Admiral Niels Juel, reconstructed the castle influenced by baroque architecture. From 1749 to 1754, Tschierscke constructed the gatehouses and the tea pavilion.

The entire complex is now protected. Niels Juel took over ownership in 1678 and Valdemars Castle belonged to the family for decades. The new owner, however, handed ownership of the castle over to the Royal Danish Naval Museum.

You will find a naval hall, including the museum´s royal barges, in the southern wing and the northern wing features different exhibitions. The castle has been a Manor House Museum since 1985.


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