Nature and drama - Naturama in Svendborg

Naturama is located in the centre of Svendborg and offers a new way of portraying natural history. The exhibition showcases a natural theatre, divided into three levels: water, land and air. Whale fossils, bears, wild boars, musk-oxen and hundreds of birds come together in a natural theatre in which light, sound, films and pictures create the perfect setting for showcasing the different times of day, from dawn to dusk to the beautiful starry night sky.

When visiting Naturama, you can stand face to face with an elk, scratch a fox behind the ear, hug a little bear, dress up as a badger; touch different skins, bones and much more. Activities for children are held during weekends and holidays. Using gadgets, you are able to search for information about the different animals at Naturama. And you can start and finish every visit with a lunch or cup of coffee in the café or come across a find in the shop.


Gammel Lundeborgvej 46

DK-5874 Hesselager​

Telephone: +45 62 25 14 50

E-mail: ferie@lundeborg.dk 

CVR: 72527011